Strategic planning

May 6, 2018


I was covering a corporate event in Exeter where Sir Clive Woodward was the speaker for the evening. I was asked to make a portrait of him but time would be limited and space might be limited. I’d had the idea for a while to create a low key portrait and with his focus, I suspected Sir Clive would be ideal. I had him for 3 minutes. In total. I made six frames but was really pleased with the finished image. I’m even more proud to say that the email I received from him confirming he and his wife are too, are a highlight.

Below is the setup and light test with the chair. And my trusty assistant for the spill, my laptop bag!

The event was a great evening and all the assets from the event were with the client that evening before I left. Throughout the evening, I let their marketing team have images live from the event for their social feeds.

If you have an event and want coverage, let me know.

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