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March 10, 2021

purple jensen ff outside a stately home


Fiscal frugality thanks to not a penny of support during the poxy pandemic, has meant bringing out the old adage of make do and mend.

Dragging out old clothes and realising that, to my shame, thinking some of them were still in fashion. The realisation that they’ve been in, out and now back in again is making me feel old. Still, now I’ve started shifting the bread baby I gained when we all became artisanal bakers means my wardrobe is looking half decent. And still fits!

I will always be most comfortable in jeans, t-shirt, jumper and trainers though. Suits are for weddings and funerals while a tux is for Vegas. End of.

Classic cars though. Wow, where do we start with those. How about design?

purple jensen ff outside a classic building


The look of a car is to me, the beginning and the end. Mostly. If it looks right, it should feel right. Of course, there are many opinions and mine is but one, but I do like clean design in a vehicle. I’m an ’80s child and as such, pretty much all of my automotive pinups were American.

It’s the reason I fell in love with America. We had all their cool TV shows; Airwolf, The A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Hardcastle and McCormick. They were just cool to a kid back then. Now, they offend EVERYONE. I don’t care though. They widened my eyes and soothed my ears. The police always wafted around until they crashed while the coolest cars, vans and choppers survived.

I didn’t care too much then for how they handled and I’m still basically like that today. I’m easily pleased. Cars still give me the one thing I’ve always craved. Freedom. Right now, I can’t get enough.

Something with a lazy V8, vague steering and comfortable? I’m in. I’m 47. I’m not built for speed. I winter well. Comfort is more desirable than a supersonic take off and 6G cornering speed. That’s why modern Lamborghini’s are pants.

Luckily, I have been getting my fix from the delightfully smooth Jensen FF.

jensen ff classic car head on

Colour palette

As well as that burbling V8 engine, it’s the little touches that make it a good looking car. The colour for a start. That deep purple is just so much better than a boring black or silver that so many new cars seem to wear.

The black number plates with a reflective silver font I really like too.

Obviously that gloriously curved rear canopy gives such a light cabin.

I’ll confess that while the interior of this one is a nice place to be, I’m so over leather interiors. I drive a 16 year old VW Transporter which has heated cloth seats and its all you need. Won’t burn you in summer or freeze you in winter. Comfort.

The Jensen rumbles around with its earth killing 6.3l V8 emptying both its fuel tank and owners wallet at an equal pace. But this is why I think EV or hydrogen fuel cells are a good way to go with new cars. Just leave the classics to enjoy their last drops of nectar while they can for as long as they can.

The world has changed, I get it. But bring back nice design. Please. Ditch a lot of the tech and make something a nice place to be.

Is that too much to ask?

jensen ff from the rear


Design won’t save the world but it damn well makes it look good.


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