Back to the future


‘We’d like you to go and shoot an old Vauxhall..’ – forgive me for thinking it might be a Victor, similar to one that my father had when I was a kid. Or maybe a Chevette, like the ones I watched rally as a teenager. Or a tricked out Firenza, that would be ace.

‘It’s their SRV concept from 1970.’ I had no idea what it was or what it looked like. Turns out, I was in for a history lesson. And a treat.


Initially, get to Bedford, go to the Heritage centre and see what you can do with it. Got there, it was raining and the car was inside a storage area, in the dark, next to an old Bedford van. This was going to be a challenge. In the end, the weather outside added to the mood inside so moving some lights around and trying to concentrate on some of the features was good fun. At 3pm, the rain stopped but the guys at the centre had to leave by 4pm so a very quick roll out and in again later, it was done.