You’ve read that right. It isn’t a spelling mistake more a signature element of a campsite kitchen in Devon. Ocean Pitch campsite in Croyde to be precise. George Biffen arrived here to enjoy the surf and now comes here to cook for you. And still surf.

His love of cooking came from his grandmother. His other love, of Devon, from holidaying here with his family. In 2018, he chanced upon staying at the site and spotted an unloved food shack. He chatted with the owners of the site, Benny and Lou and, for the 2019 season, they offered the shack for the season.


His love of Thai cuisine has filtered through to his menu here. What started as posts on Instagram has grown to a viable business. While his main job is as a marketing consultant, the mix of food, ocean and surfing adds a nice counterpoint to his traditional work. His feed on social media platforms includes not only the images but the recipes. I can personally vouch for the Duck Massaman curry, the perfect way to warm up from either a brisk dip or walk around the coast. Favourites such as the Morrocan Goat stew or Katsu curry change on the chalkboard depending upon product supply. The produce also comes from the local Devon providers. 'It is about creating a lifestyle' he says of the venture. Looking at the view he has from his office, you would find it hard to argue. He has a zest for travel and those travels pervade his menu. I'm intrigued as to what the future may hold and where the inspiration may come from. His reply from an infectious smile is as stunning as his pinkled onions. 'Everywhere!'