Arriving at the Houghton family home it is abundantly clear that I am in the English Cotswolds. The hills, from which the Cotswolds take their name, are rising in the distance. The folly of Broadway Tower rising skyward as if it is about to launch into the heavens. I’m greeted by a loud barking dog who turns out to be nothing more than a huge bundle of excitement. While I begin to fuss him, a cheery ‘hello’ comes from my left, shakes my hand and disappears stage right towards a barn.

The dog, now fed up with being fussed, runs off while I wheel to chase Jeremy Houghton who is heading into his studio. The offer of a cup of coffee is welcome. A bank of light switches flicked and above me the strip lights crackle to life. Canvasses of varying sizes line the walls and floors, the smell of paint, dust and old wood filling my lungs. ‘Have a look around, back in a mo’ I’m informed as he speedily heads back in the direction of the house.


I first met Jeremy while he was artist in residence at Goodwood. His wonderful depiction of the natural world and horsepower very clear to see. He has a unique style both in his art and in his conversation. Very much a people person, the family member I meet, other than his equally cordial father, is the family Bentley. Lovingly cared for, it has some interesting features. It was used as a fire truck during the war by the home guard, can be seen in the background of Jeremy's parents wedding but it was also rallied by his grandmother. Each rally entered had a badge and all of those are lovingly hammered into the wooden dashboard. I adore this level of living history. The complete article featured in Classic Cars Magazine.