The title is in no way meant to be sexist. This is purely due to the fact that the man in question uses good old fashioned metalworking technique, brute strength and craftsmanship to fashion works of automotive artistry.

Having toured state of the art factories and seen modern cars arrive on a conveyor of build it by numbers, it takes you back when in a cold, windy garage, sheets of metal wait to be cut, rolled and shaped into such a recognisable form. There is something deeply visceral about curves over todays modern creases.


As with many of us, the fascination started as a little kid for Kasper. A love of cars and bikes led to him choosing machining and welding at school. He claims to be hopeless at everything else but don't be fooled. He spent a couple of years in heavy fabrication but felt starved of creativity. His head turned toward metal shaping. With just a small knowledge of the basics, an opportunity came his way. He grabbed his hammer and jumped at it. No longer did he feel that he needed a challenge; it had arrived. Since then, it has fully taken over his life. These days, while still involved in some heavy metal fabrication, he combines that with shaping unique projects that offer a flow and style both inside and out.