In a loft in downtown LA, Stephen Kenn creates things that are worthy of repair. That is the motto of this furniture designer. His designs of original, minimal and sustainable pieces, are built to last a lifetime.

“The world doesn’t need another chair” he says, “but maybe the world needs a chair that makes you think about its form or suits new ideals.”

He called his first range the Inheritance Collection. The philosophy behind it being that you would invest in a piece that would outlive you and be passed on from generation to generation. Quite the counter to the flat-pack gangs.


Beginning his career in denim at the age of 20, he relocated from Canada to California in 2003. The recession hit in 2008 and business stalled but being resourceful, he discovered a store of surplus military fabric. From this, he started sewing and selling bags. This turned into a business in its own right which he subsequently sold in 2010 to establish his own furniture studio. He tore apart an old sofa to understand the construction and began to make it simpler. He then reimagined them. With Tommy Hilfiger becoming one of his first clients for these designs, it fuelled him to expand his ideas. Today, Stephen with his wife Beks Opperman, admit that he is the creator and she is the collector. With his tie-in with brands and other LA artists, the loft also contains a very well stocked whisky collection and extensive shelveing of books. Motorcycles adorn the front next to a coffee bar where they host other like minded Anglenos. Their addictive optimism, thoughtfulness and community approach is an example of how to succeed in this fiercely competitive city