Goodwood Members Meeting - Girardo & Co

Lotus Eletre Global Launch - Lotus

2022 New Products - Piloti

Colleagues Day - Bentley

The One - SBR Engineering

Treading Lightly - Bentley

Radford Returns - Radford Cars

WSR BMW & Mack Logistics

Unleashed Singapore Edition - E-Type UK

Lotus Emira - Petrolicious

Porsche Cayenne Turbo - CAR Magazine

World Dog Day - Bentley Motors

McLaren GT - McLaren

Land Rover Defender - Autostrada

Sir Clive Woodward - Arbuthnot Latham

Unleashed - E-Type UK

Lotus Evija - Lotus Cars

Bicester Heritage - Loop Agency

The Birkin Blower - Autostrada

Paul Stephens - Monaco Commission

Jensen Owners Club

Porsche 928 - Top Gear

London to Singapore Overland - Classic Cars Magazine

Aston Martin Victor - Classic Driver


Providing assets to OEM’s, PR agencies, editorial publications and specialist suppliers, companies and organisations.


Corporate headshots; magazine stories through to intimate personal portraits.


From food to fashion to flying the jet set around the world, I work with lifestyle brands and publications to show the customer experience to the world.

Girardo & Co Porsche 956 Night Shoot

Was it a dream? Where has the start of 2022 disappeared to? One minute I was waiting for snow and now, spring is well and truly here. You can tell it has here in the UK. Goodwood and daffodils have been enjoyed. The 79th Members Meeting was a bit of a blur for me this...

Dark Skyes

I’m not big on self promotion but this time, it’s a little different. I am looking to give back to the people at Cancer Research and I’d love it if you could read this.

Best Laid Plans

Ever think to yourself you know what you’re doing only for life to give you a slap? Yeah, well, this was one of those moments.

Going batty

Ever think to yourself you know what you’re doing only for life to give you a slap? Yeah, well, this was one of those moments.

The Hard Yards of Landscape Photography

Want to know where to stand to make a good landscape photograph? Easy. Put on your boots and go look for it.

BTS – Car Studio Photoshoot

Take a look at what happened with a 3:30am alarm, a 9am call time and a next day asset delivery studio car shoot.

Wake me up

Ever been down and then feel you get kicked? When it happens it makes you realise what your priorities are. This is what happened to us.

We’re open

As Covid vaccinations roll out, we’re allowed back into the open. Will you change how you do it?

Choose Life

Are you struggling? Pandemic pissing you off? In a funk? Grab a coat, drop the tech and go for a walk. Wherever you are.

North of the border

I’m lucky to live in a national park but that still doesn’t stop me wanting to travel. I miss it. Deeply. But, mustn’t grumble.

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