Being Sociable

July 10, 2018


Social media. Depending upon your view, it can be something you love or loathe. For me, I try to see it as a tool. After using a few of the tools, I’ve come to drop Facebook as it seems full of people I hadn’t seen in years (for a reason) and has a divide and conquer feel to it. Just not my cup of tea. Twitter, for me, is a take it or leave it place. I love some of the interaction I have with a few contacts on there but if you step back from it, you can see the algorithm at play trying to understand you. I treat it like I treated the bullies at school. Say the things you need or want to little and often but don’t hang around too long.

Instagram has been my go to place for a while now. I’ve met friends on it. I’ve made contacts via it and I’ve won business from it but on the whole, it is a much happier place to be with like minded souls. A love of photography, cars, motorsport, portraits and knowing who is going to be at an event. It has been a nice place to be. And it is how I came to meet Frank who owns the fiery Porsche 911 you see here. (he also took some shots of me while I was climbing around:)

We’ve followed each other on Instagram for a while and I contacted him a few months back to see if he would be up for a shoot. Apart from me getting dates wrong while stuck in Portugal and then sending new dates over to the wrong email address, we finally met up last week to do the shoot. A car guy, a businessman and a more thoroughly nice person you could not wish to meet. Plus his dog, Biscuit, bounding around is also a cracker!

It’s easy to join the crowd and bash social media but if you treat it as if it was a telephone or a face to face with the other people on it, it really can be a a beneficial tool. I just hope that it can stay that way.

A couple of the shots are below while there is a complete set in my Portfolio section.

If there’s something I’ve done that you like and want to know more, drop me a line.

Do it with passion or not at all.

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