Changing Tack

May 1, 2020

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Firstly this is the year we’re in and the eyesight I want to attain. I’ve written before that 2019 was a bit of a knob of a year and this year, a change had to come.

And, it has. I am now proud to say that my greatest supporter, ardent admirer and biggest critic, is now my working partner too. My wife. She has been there through the long hours, travelling to business meetings, being late, not being romantic, being stressed, drunk, idiotic, angry, happy, rash, stupid, caring and a joker. Now she gets to work with me too. Champion.

Doing what exactly I hear no-one ask? She’s a writer. She hasn’t always been but thanks to the life changes we’ve had, now is as good a time as any for her to do something she loves. Above all, she is instinctive at spotting trends early especially in food, fashion and travel. I, by profession, have always been a salesman. Together, we have realised that we can bring our ideas, love of people, stories and life out into the world. Besides, she does the words and I’ll do the pictures and the swearing.

New horizons.

In a mixture of editorials, articles, features and books, we will be doing exactly that. For years we have been doing this but we only ever put things down into many, many journals. This year, it is time to bring these stories out to the world. Whether online or in print, we will be diligent in our storytelling, factual in our finding, gracious with people and their time and hopefully, entertaining and interesting to those we meet along the way.

Consequently, I will no longer be able to get away with excuses, falling short of quality or being late. When you’re married for 14 years this new boss really is the same as the old boss. And I love her.

“Do or do not. There is no try”

  • Yoda



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