October 19, 2018

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…I’m all for you commissioning me to do a shoot. In fact, me and my bank manager REALLY appreciate it. But, can you do me a little favour?

It’s about you and your camera phone.

I get it, you want some over the shoulder shots for your social feed, something for an Instaflam story or Faceache live. Whatever it is, I’m cool with that. I am. I’ll leave my lights in place. I’ll show you how to use your phone’s camera properly too. I’m nice like that.

But, for the love of God, can you leave it until I’ve got my shot first? You’re my client, I love you, I want you to re-hire me, so I’ll go the extra mile. But there will come a point where I will tell you, not even lightly or quietly, to fuck off.

It isn’t professional of me to do that, so maybe you make the first move, and learn to do it without being told.

There’s a dear.

That is all.



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