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March 24, 2020

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2020 is going interestingly so far. Warm winter, flooding and now a pandemic. It isn’t exactly what anyone planned, I’m sure. The diary is clearing while the fridge is being rationed. This doesn’t mean I can’t apply myself to new things though.

It all changed slowly. Today, with the UK having a soft lockdown happen, it is actually a time to reset my thinking and be ready for whatever comes next. Living on the road means that this is a difficult time but, as with all things, no need worrying about anything I cannot change. New recipes, new practices, new ideas maybe even a new career!

Run to the hills

I had seen the news. I had a job in the Scottish highlands so had to act quickly to get everything done. Snow in Glencoe, skiers on the slopes, air crisp and fresh. I thought how idyllic and far removed it felt from the news. Pushing on northward up through Skye and on into the Isle of Lewis. An overnight stay with my father-in-law and then it was time to head back south.

36 hours since leaving, returning to the Isle of Skye, the supermarket shelves had emptied.

The long journey back to London was littered with stops to get stock of whatever I could . Now, four days in to the new normal, it is take each day as it comes. I can’t wait to be back on the road, back to work, back to something approaching normality. But if this is what we need to do to keep going, I’m in.

What’s next?

I hope that you and yours are safe and we can come out of this wiser, refreshed and looking forward to doing lots of things differently. Do you need to use all that plastic? Do you really want a bigger house? Are you really going to not buy seasonal and local? Have you still got toilet roll?

Time will tell.

Here’s a few images that are mostly grab shots from my last road trip. I hope to be back on the asphalt real soon.

“The best things in life aren’t things”

  • Art Buchwald

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